AHA Annual Membership (Physical)

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1-year digital membership to the American Homebrewers Association!

Membership includes:

-Zymurgy Magazine: 6 issues/year of the longest running magazine for homebrewers and beer enthusiasts in print and digital access to 18 years of Zymurgy. 
-AHA Member Deals: Discounts at 1,800+ breweries, homebrew shops, and pubs.
-AHA Forum: Join thousands on the Association's online forum for daily advice on brewing and beer-related topics.
-Members Only! Access exclusive resources like gold-medal recipes and homebrewing seminars.
-Conference: Attend Homebrew Con and expand your brewing and beer knowledge while having a blast! Registration is exclusive to AHA members.
-Competition: The AHA National Homebrew Competition is the largest beer competition in the world and open exclusively to AHA members!